“O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming”

[Ramparts wasn’t a liberal magazine, it was a ‘radical’ magazine. Radicals despised liberals, all talk no action. It was radicals that were behind the bombings, the shootings. Radicals today are Antifa, BLM, etc. Yesterday they were Black Panthers, SDS, Weather Underground.]

Doing some research on Ramparts magazine and watching some videos on YouTube concerning the coming civil war in America, made me realize America has been under attack for years. “Ramparts” as the name implies suggested a war footing for the street action that took place from the Left in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Many bombings and riots took place then. Rarely (if ever) has meaningful change taken place in a society when violence hasn’t proceeded it.

The same way termites destroy a house, slowly and unnoticeably at first, the invasion from Latin America is doing the same. Mexicans are the infantry in the war on America. The war analogies started to flow after that. If they are the infantry, who are the generals? The ones who determine strategy and tactics? CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, WAPO. As Rush has come to realize, the msm doesn’t support the Left, they are the Left. Politicians are the officer corp. Where does the officer corps come from? Like the service academies? The universities of course. They turn out the next generation of cadets for the Left.

Well if you have the infantry, the officers and the generals, what are their weapons? The ordinance they fire? What bombs do they drop? The ICBMs launched? The things that destroy America? Drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, sexual deviancy, pornography, atheism, humanism, gambling, anything that harms the family. The family being the lynchpin of a culture, hence the Culture War. People have a natural tendency to avoid war, how do you get them whipped up into a frenzy?

You need a Ministry of Propaganda for that: Hollywood. The news media. Pop music. The internet. What else does an army need? Logistics, military intelligence, Special Forces, snipers, etc. (Political Correctness being the Gestapo of cultural Marxism.) You also need an enemy. Someone to point to as “the problem”. The one keeping you down, or to explain why you don’t succeed. The one to explain why you aren’t happy! The scapegoat. And since what they are trying to bring down is Western Civilization, they chose as the enemy the straight, white, male. Preferably Christian.

They disregard that it is only the areas that he developed that are worthwhile. Europe, Australia, North America. If these other cultures are so great, why do they always seek refuge in ours? If Islam is so great, why do they always seek asylum in Christian countries? As David Horowitz discovered when he looked back at his Rampart days, they funded it by looting capitalist fortunes. They would use Hollywood celebrities to wine & dine the young heirs and heiresses out of the very capitalist fortunes they despised! They eventually ran out of people to bilk and their magazine folded.

That’s what’s happening now with the invasion of America and Europe by the global locusts. Eventually they’ll consume all the stores of wealth. Eventually they’ll realize there can’t be eternal consumption without production. The other cultures don’t produce or create, they consume. These other cultures are work averse. They don’t have the “protestant work ethic”. The Democrats on their socialist tangent, and Republicans on their “Democrat light” response, will eventually learn this. But not until much pain has been experienced.

Jim Roach

[“Republicans” (the Christian, white, male) for example doesn’t take to the streets to bring down the established order. That’s just silly. They’re the ones who made order out of chaos. Perhaps the only time they initiated violence was the American Revolution. Also the only time something good came out of violence. Don’t confuse that with WW II, “We had to stop Hitler!” But that wasn’t initiated by the WASP. Only finished by him. History is littered with the corpse of the WASP having to settle other peoples hash. He doesn’t initiate the violence though. Yeah its pretty interesting when you think about it. You knew back then when a riot took place or a bomb went off, it was the Left. Automatically. No question. You knew that the person with no morals and no conscience was a Democrat. The idea that it would be a suit and tie Republican was absurd. Just like today. The filth on the street is always going to be a Democrat. Republicans have jobs to protect. Retirement plans, families to think of. Plus, Republicans often times go to church. They don’t tend to be godless heathens like Democrats.]

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