The first Brexit

The Revolutionary War

Its been pointed out to me that with the American Revolution the “establishment” lost,  and has been working ever since to recoup that  loss. And they’ve pretty much done that. Anyone wanting to know more about these forces only have to do a search on Masons, Knights Templar, Rothchild, Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, Bilderberg Group, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove etc. There are very few times in history the “random occurrences” don’t go as planned. About the only 3 times in the past 250 years the Insiders were surprised were the American Revolution, Brexit and Trump’s election.

The understanding of history is no more difficult then keeping this maxim front and center: Follow the Money. In order to get that money, there is an intergenerational group of people that learned long ago, control the government, control the people. People are the means of production. Someone else’s labor is the path to wealth. Determining who gets taxed. Slavery, serfs, ‘brown people’, conquered nations. Power is the tool, the game, wealth is the goal. That begets the need to secure it after the acquisition, and the passing of it to the next generation. Its not the money in and of itself, but what it allows and provides.

The concept of freedom is foreign to these people. Using the most recent presidential election as an example, its not about healthcare or education. Its not about any of the things they use to get the masses worked up about. The way the election was supposed to work was Hillary beating Jeb Bush, who would lose gracefully. In a worst case scenario Jeb would win, which would be okay as in the end he was indistinguishable from Hillary. The establishment most certainly had a conniption when Trump one. He was not one of the club! After 2 years it seems the bureaucracy and the ‘government machine’ beat Trump, so that nothing of import will actually occur.

That probably saved his life. JFK was enacting real change, that’s why he had to die. (Withdrawal from Vietnam, silver standard, shrinking the CIA.) They won’t have to take that step against Trump, his real change is never going to happen. The wall, fair trade deals, withdrawal of American military from around the world, that ain’t going to happen. A completely ineffectual administration saved his life, the downside is America died. Usually the ‘great battle’ between the Democrats and Republicans is just window dressing. Just like the purported reason for the ‘secret societies’ mentioned at the start of this post.

All that is just claptrap, nobody at the top believes that crap. Its just fodder to fool the masses from the real goal. Raw, naked merciless power for the acquisition of wealth. Its not complicated. Truth is invariably straightforward. Deception is the Spirograph of lies. You have to keep people confused for the con to succeed. Its like the picture used for this post. What it depicts is regular Joe’s on both sides dying for what they believe,  which has nothing to do with the truth. Those poor saps dying on the battlefield were being used. The American Revolution had nothing to do with religious freedom, self determination or taxation without representation.

It had to do with which ones at the top were going to get the gold. Which ones were going to bring the slaves over to sell. Which ones were going to ripoff the trappers when they sold their beaver pelts. Which ones were going to get the tobacco monopoly. Which ones of the elites were going to get the monopoly on the spice trade and selling it to the masses. Who would get control of the prime real-estate. The railroads, the canal tolls. It had nothing to do with Baptists not being able to practice their faith without being persecuted by the Church of England.

That right there is a joke. It had nothing to do with some deep theological divide, it had everything to do with making sure the Sunday offerings went in the right coffers! Goodnight people! How stupid are we? The founding of America had everything to do with the rape of a new continent, and nothing to do with creating a Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. All that was poppycock to convince young men to go die on a battlefield. They were pawns. We are pawns. The majority throughout history has never been anything else but pawns!

My God. 4,000 years of recorded human history and nothing changes. We never learn. The blood sacrifice of young men (and sometimes women) continues. Over, and over and over… the more things change, the more things stay the same. If history was ever going to take a different course, it had to happen with Trump. It didn’t. So the great con continues. The 99% being manipulated by the 1%. Religion! Healthcare! Diversity! Inclusion! World Peace! That’s the last thing that’s ever going to happen. Unless you consider it ‘peace’ when everyone is enslaved. Yeah, then there will be peace.

World’s 85 richest people own half the world’s wealth.

Jim Roach

[The poor fools in the picture, one side thought they were dying for the Crown! To make those damn colonists be loyal to the King! Which on its face right there is pretty stupid. The other side thought they were dying because of a tea tax, or so Ma could be a Lutheran, or for some other bullshit reason. As the years go by the uniforms change, the stated reasons change, but nothing ever changes. In one century its gold, then its oil, then its diamonds, then its cotton or spices or God knows what. The masses stay stupid and the Elites make money off that stupidity. Its really not about whether a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, but whether or not the Elites own both horses in the race. Historically freedom is the aberration, not the norm. Their biggest regret is that the 2nd Amendment got in there somehow. That slowed them down drastically. But they’ll get that figured out. (I just realized that would be the only way the Elites allow a Civil War – to take the guns.) I mean just look at it! Europe is going through a period of peace and prosperity, not having their continent torn apart by war, and what do their leaders do? They bring in an enemy! They bring in Muslims to rape, kill, pillage and cause cultural disintegration. There’s just no other way to explain this cultural suicide. The only way this makes sense is if you consider the enviro-wacko’s population theory that the goal should be less than a billion people on the planet. You go spreading Muslims into Europe and America, and you’ll reach that goal.]

Its not complicated, they just make it appear so.

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