Moving targets

Anita Bryant

In the book Animal Farm one of the takeaways was Goat’s frustration with trying to keep up with the ever changing decrees of the pigs. First the chant was “4 legs good!” Then the chickens felt left out so it became, “2 legs good, 4 legs better!” Then the pigs wanted to distinguish themselves as being better while being equal, so they started walking on 2 legs… it became impossible to keep up! I really should reread that if I hope to have a chance to keep up with the modern Left! (The chants were all about the manipulative effects of repetition and mind control. The pigs would also use the chants to silence dissent. Much like on college campuses when they want to stop a conservative from speaking.)

Socialism isn’t new, the names and faces change but the tactics stay the same. The goals don’t stay the same, just the methods. Changing demands is part and parcel of communism. Leftists operate from an emotional based worldview that doesn’t have absolute truth. There is no rock. There is no foundation. You can never reach “the end”. Its a continual “struggle”. Always changing, ever evolving. And most importantly, unbeknownst to Republicans, socialism it isn’t defeated with “Democrat light”. A “little” socialism never lasts for long.

Take gaiety. Back in the late 60s homosexual rights became quite the thing. “We don’t want marriage, we just want acceptance!” Then of course they began to demand the very thing they said they weren’t! Along with it came adoption and other things to destroy the family unit. As if 2 people who couldn’t procreate could somehow be called ‘parents’. Then they got everything they wanted, and it wasn’t enough! Anita Bryant saw all this coming and futilely tried to warn America. Which was perfect for the Left, their system absolutely requires there be a villain to point to, someone to hate.

Today the villain is Trump. They always have to have a villain.  

Nope, that begat “transgenderism”. Society was then tasked (told) that they would have to pretend girls were boys and vice versa. In a delicious bit of irony female high school athletes began getting their clocks cleaned by young men masquerading as girls! Testosterone being what it is, the men won! Already you can see pedophiles making inroads to the mainstream, and bestiality and God knows what else not far behind!

This isn’t to single out LGBT/NESTLES particularly, they just happen to be high profile and provide some easy examples. Immigration is another good example. In 1965 Ted Kennedy did a lot to single handedly destroy America with his immigration act that became law. Up until them immigration policy benefited America. We even had “pause and effect” at times if it became overwhelming. Since 1965 its become completely absurd. Orwellian you might say.

Generosity was no longer enough, the Left began to demand we have no borders at all! Not only that, but whereas a hundred years ago the émigré who didn’t succeed was forced to return to his home country as  there was no welfare state to support him. Now, we are forced to support these ingrate emigres at every turn! Healthcare, Social Security, food, housing, ESL schools and on and on! Of course they want to come here! They don’t have to work!

Christianity of course became an enemy of the state, it has absolute truths. That brought it into direct conflict with humanism. So the purge of society of self governing people continued. As was noted at our founding, our government was wholly inadequate for a people without self control. So as a society falls further and further into chaos, the Left’s answer was more and more government. The anthesis of our system of Limited Government. The Left’s demands never stop, the Right’s never change.

Of course we needed this leviathan of State to run society, we’d destroyed the self governing mechanism of the family unit.Which has been the goal of socialism from the beginning, to replace the family with the State. People like Anita Bryant saw all this coming 40 years ago, she just couldn’t articulate it in a convincing way. Neither can I.

Jim Roach

[Oh, and the good and faithful (dumb as a rock) horse named Boxer? His retirement didn’t work out so well in the worker’s paradise. He got sent to the glue factory.]

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