Where’s the money in peace?

The Swiss flag

Yeah I’d say neutrality has worked out pretty well for the Swiss. Strongest economy in the world, least amount of dead people from war, the least amount of enemies made that want to wipe them out. The ability to devote scarce resources to productive things versus enriching the military-industrial complex. Nope, Americans are determined to be an Empire. Dashing here, dashing there, conquering this or that country, paying to rebuild it. And at the end? What have we accomplished? We secured the opium crop in Afghanistan!

I have no idea why Americans are so stupid, other than the obvious answer that the government controls education. Oh I know, we’re very good at war, the best I’d say. The 99% more than eager to suit up and go die for the 1%. Jingoism seems to have won the day. Americans are quite convinced there is some manifest destiny that we bankrupt ourselves to go bleed on foreign soil to police the world for some unspecified reason. I saw a glorious depiction of some asinine battle during the 7 Years War on Gab. It is often referred to as the first World War. 5 continents, over a dozen nations.

I read a little to try and determine the reason for this war, I really couldn’t pin it down. Its roughly 260 years since the end of that war. The pain and suffering of the 10s of thousands that died is long gone in the mists of time. Subsequent wars vastly surpassing the effects and destruction of that war. Reading between the lines it looked simply like Britain’s 1% was trying to get an advantage economically over France’s 1%. Throw in Russia/Prussia and a few others, and that’s basically it. Great reason for a war eh? Governments always see green in blood.

Do you suppose they ever made up for the cost of the war from some perceived gain from its outcome? I doubt it. I doubt the dead guys think so either. You have the propaganda machine of the media fully in sync with that of the governments message of war! War! War! People too stupid to realize that the cost of the war machine and the cost of fighting the war, will always outstrip whatever problem they could have just paid to solve. At a great savings. Nope, Americans have a stranglehold on stupid and aren’t about to let go.

Jim Roach

(Just a cursory look at wars involving Switzerland shows the last war death might have been 1847. Slightly further back then ours.)

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