That’s why nothing gets done, they’re not doing anything!

The 2 biggest boondoggles in the City of Ames government is Parks and Recreation and Ames Schools. As a jogger and biker I like to take advantage of the bike trails around town. Carr Park on the east side has had its bike trails closed the past 2 years. Which is odd as the sum total of the construction is about 50 yards on the north side of the park, and about 100 yards on the southeast side of the park. On a yard per yard basis I don’t think it took us that long to create the Panama Canal.

Shoot, they had to hack through jungle and battle malaria to do that. I figure the city must have hired Manatt’s to do it. They’re the only ones I know that can move at such a glacial pace. In 2010 they did their classic maneuver on the redo of North Dakota Ave between Lincoln Way and Ontario. They dug it up in May, prepped the bed, then did nothing all summer while people had to detour around a torn up road. Then in late August they swoop in and do a rushed, crappy job paving it. Nobody even raised an eyebrow that they didn’t do anything for 3 months.

The city never has had the god given sense to put in time constraints on construction projects. Or more likely they’re being paid off not to. Below are some pictures from Carr Park. A Tuesday morning, perfect weather, and not a damn thing going on with the construction project. There hasn’t been for months. Whoever they hired tore it up in late 2017 then went away. They may return someday, they may not.

All I do know is that the Ames taxpayer pays for it. Over, and over, and over again. Like I say, this wasn’t the weekend. This wasn’t bad weather. This wasn’t January. This wasn’t at night. Hell, that’s why city projects take so long, they don’t do anything! Meanwhile the recreation areas the taxpayer purchased sit idle, because the city didn’t put any time clauses in the contract! Who wouldn’t want a construction contract with the City of Ames, you don’t have to do anything!

Jim Roach

Not a soul in sight. Some “construction” area.

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