Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

The video above about the early 1900’s was very interesting. It was a bad time to be a working man. We didn’t even have the 40 hour workweek yet. Virtually no unions, no rights, the robber barons were making out like…. robber barons. Carnegie and Rockefeller were making billions while their “employees” were in abject poverty. Forget about Workman’s Comp. Forget about going to your Union. Things were pretty rough.

Then they started talking about the racial climate of the day and it hit me! They made sure the pot stayed stirred. A guy is being screwed over 6 ways from Sunday by his employer and the government, and they want to make damn sure you stay mad at the colored man! What? Yeah, misdirection. The colored man wasn’t keeping you down. And it wasn’t whitey keeping the colored man down. They just wanted to keep you distracted with race hatred. To make sure you never focused on who the real villain was.

It was as it has always been throughout history, the 1% keeping the 99% down.

My gawd people let themselves be played for fools. 100 years later and they’re still playing the game. Nowadays the Latino is the infantry being used to divert attention from what is really going on. All the governments of Latin America are still as corrupt and ineffectual as they were 100 years ago. America’s corporations are still making money off of abusing them. But they’re serving their purpose, keeping people from seeing what’s really going on.

Jim Roach

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Experiencing life in Iowa.
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