What a farce

2 years, $35 million dollars, 18 Trump haters, and Mueller couldn’t pull the damn trigger. Now sit down and shut up. Time to move on. A typical analysis is like the one that came from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. “While he was cleared on the collusion charge (there is no statute defining “collusion”), the obstruction charge has some serious aspects to it.” My ass. This whole thing’s been a farce. The Deep State from the start hated Trump, feared Trump and would do everything in their power to get rid of Trump. Its no more complicated than that.

Before the election when Hillary thought she was going to win both her and Obama poo pooed the ability of the Russians to rig an election. It was only after she lost that it became the excuse de jour. The most telling point was heard this morning. If the Obama administration knew the Russians were lurking behind every bush trying to thwart an election, he had a duty to give the Trump campaign a ‘defensive briefing’. To warn them. He didn’t because he knew the whole thing from the beginning was a farce. They got so wrapped up in all this they’ve started to believe their own lies.

Hillary paid for the damn Steele dossier. That’s what is forgotten in all this. Opposition research paid for the “basis” of all the future warrants used to spy on the oppositions campaign! Good God! They ignore the abuse of power and instead try and get Trump on a process crime of obstruction! What a joke. The Deep State feared Trump from the beginning, they weren’t going to let go of the reigns of power without a fight. Collusion was a hoax, the spying was real. The Deep State hated Trump and was determined to get rid of him. There’s your ‘collusion’. It was an investigation in search of a crime. They ignored the very real spying, and instead spent 2 years chasing the collusion hoax.

Jim Roach

[No doubt all the media that perpetrated this hoax will now apologize to President Trump.]

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