There have to be consequences

April 23, 2019

Dear Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst and Representative King:

The Federal Government has lost all pretense of control of the southern border. After 20 years in Afghanistan it is reported ISIS and the Taliban are fighting for control of the country. We have obviously accomplished nothing there.

While the people of Iowa appreciate your efforts, it is obvious you are not getting the job done. You have wasted time, money and lives. You have failed in the security of this country both at home and abroad.

It is time for you  to do the honorable thing and resign.

James Roach

[The people of this country for some unknown reason have come to believe that there needn’t be consequences for government malfeasance. I disagree. National security is not an “option”, its a requirement. Most of the multitude of errors that lead to 9/11, have never been corrected. We are dishonoring the dead. Not to learn from past mistakes is criminal. I of course am always way ahead of my time. Nevertheless, in my continuing ‘piss in the wind’ series, I’ll certainly ask Grassley, Ernst and King to resign. Its time we took national security seriously. I refuse to accept they can endanger the lives of 330,000,ooo people without being called to task.]

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