I notice talk radio hosts don’t have a clue either

Its not just Congressmen who don’t have a clue about the gravity of the situation our country is in, I’d say the people who interview them don’t have a clue either. Here’s what going to happen in a few years, 2026 at the latest. Rush says modern talk radio started in 1988 with changes to the Fairness Doctrine and whatnot. The national debt then was $2.75 trillion and we had a semblance of control on the southern border. And 9/11 hadn’t happened yet. 30 years later we are $22 trillion in debt, the southern border is being overrun and we have Mexican military incursions onto American soil. Visa overstays are worse than ever, an insult to the 9/11 dead. Medicare is set to go belly-up in 2026. Talk radio hosts still operate under the old paradigm. Its not 1988.

Congress goes on with a business as usual approach. With the associated graft and corruption. The lack of will to do anything of substance. I don’t think its normal ops. I think we are in danger of losing this country financially, culturally and from outright invasion. Whether its the eventual midnight amnesty, or the 11th hour screw job in 2026 to save Medicare, Congress never looks ahead. Its always late at night on a Friday with a voice vote. Talk radio hosts go on with the game. Schmooze the politician, act like everything’s normal. Feel like a bigshot.

Never hold them accountable for 20 wasted years in Afghanistan, they can’t even secure a goddamn border against unarmed beaners. God forbid they had tanks and artillery.  No wonder we couldn’t win Afghanistan. Senators and Representatives think its all about riding around in limos and looking good for the TV screen. Getting home for the fundraiser at the Kiwanis Club. Nope, its not 1988. Our national debt is almost exactly 10 times the amount it was then. We have 10 times the illegals we had then. Something’s going to give (besides the taxpayers wallet I mean).

Rush Limbaugh, Simon Conway, Jeff Angelo, they ain’t getting it done.

Jim Roach


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