The 1984 film ‘Terminator‘ introduced us to the T-800 cyborg who was part of an AI network controlling humans through Skynet. The video above introduces you to just the non-classified urban weapons our government is deploying against us. They won’t use the military on the border to stop a foreign invasion, but they will use it to control citizens. It figures. But I digress. The narrator goes through the weapon systems you see on the railcars there. Laser weapons, sound weapons, weapons that detect the electromagnetic patterns of your heart to target and kill you.

Imagine the weapons they have in store for us that are classified? 

Leroy with his trusty Winchester .30-.30 might have a tough time resisting the government that he funded to enslave him. Our government grabbed control of primary education for a reason, to keep everyone stupid. Otherwise in a functioning educational environment kids would learn that our Founders never intended the government to be a militaristic empire that we have become. They didn’t intend the taxpayer to have the burden of funding the World’s Policeman. To have goddamn 20 year wars in Afghanistan.

Nope, George Washington himself warned against “foreign entanglements”. Dwight Eisenhower warned against the “military-industrial complex”. John Fitzgerald Kennedy warned against a “shadow government“. But between a corporate media that had long ago been absorbed and a government run education system that said the government could do no wrong, these warnings fell on deaf ears. The end of freedom may not be now, but  you can see it from here.

Jim Roach

The Terminator movie takes place in 2029. Just 10 years from now.

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