Why are Americans so stupid?

I started to make it, “Why are people so stupid?”, but I realized I don’t give a damn about other countries. The only reason I care what’s happening here is that we are being drug down by society’s anchors, those people incapable of functioning at an autonomous level. For some reason we give these incompetents the right to vote. Its ridiculous their vote should count as much as mine. All you have to do is look at the ranks of employed politicians to see what I mean. Once you get past D. Trump, Jim Jordan, Louis Gohmert and Devin Nunes, I really can’t think of a politician worth his paycheck. Voters put these derelicts there, every last one of them.

What kind of idiot does that? I can honestly say I never voted for the 3 idiots representing me at the Federal level (or State for that matter). One big institution that keeps people stupid of course is government education. That’s a big part, but there are people like me that grow out of it. We don’t all stay stupid. But there is a persistent majority that does. Roughly half the people vote, and of that half, all vote stupid. Except for that one time we elected Donald Trump. Danged if I’ll ever understand that. But the rest of the time you get the Congress like the one we have now. Repulsive, cowardly and corrupt.

Take the border as one example. We are being overrun and replaced by Latin Americans. And you ain’t gonna Make America Great Again with Latin Americans. Ain’t gonna happen. Not to mention a report today from the Daily Caller has a Jordanian being arrested in San Antonio for smuggling in Yemenis (muslims). So its not just undocumented welfare recipients flowing into the country but terrorists as well. Another hotspot right now (also to the south) is Venezuela. Speaking Spanish, they of course are a society on the brink.

They of course are of zero importance to us, but it is a coin flip as to whether we get invovlved or not. The American taxpayer to pay and the American soldier to die. How long we been doing that, huh? I was listening to Kim Strassel give a talk on YouTube yesterday, “Can the Swamp be Drained?” The answer was no, it can’t. But the amazing part wasn’t that, but how blatant the corruption is, and how purposely oblivious Americans are. Thomas Jefferson of course having warned us that freedom requires an active and informed electorate. That counts us out.

Jim Roach


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