Why not let Earl May be Earl May?

Here in Ames springtime comes and everyone turns into a garden supply store. Grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations…. I wouldn’t want to be an actual lawn and garden store trying to stay alive with everybody skimming on you. I needed some weed and feed, the guy at Earl May knew exactly what I needed (for clover and dandelions), took me right to it. Boom! Done. Try getting that expert help at a hardware store, or the grocery store, good luck.

You’ll hear on the radio a lot of “buy local” campaigns because brick and mortar is getting killed by Amazon. Malls dry up and blow away. Mainstreet never thought of that 50 years ago when they were stocking their shelves with cheap Chinese crap. They could have cared less about American made goods. Now all of a sudden were supposed to care about them? They don’t give a damn about anybody else. Buy local? Mainstreet didn’t, they bought Chinese.

Grocery stores selling gas, department stores selling groceries, discount stores undercutting optometrists, on and on… everybody’s skimming. It would be like if every February 13 all the stores stocked up on roses to undercut the florist. Florists live for Valentines, Mothers Day and such. Grocery stores nowadays are as much liquor stores as anything else, all the attention to beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets. They end up doing a crappy job at actually selling groceries! I have 3 products its impossible to find anymore because they devote so much shelf space to everything but groceries!

Now all of a sudden we’re supposed to fret about buying local? You should a worried about buying American, you should a worried about doing what you do well, instead of skimming the cream.

Jim Roach


[In the old days, pre-1980, there sometimes existed a phenomenon known as “business ethics” (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). Not all the time, not everywhere, but sometimes in places like Iowa, where the grass is greener and the people are keener too! The sole-proprietor  would look at the guy trying to make a living down the street and think, “Hmm, rather then needlessly piss him off, I think I’ll not do that!” Iowa character was foreign to metropolitan areas, and is also gone from Iowa now. You could see it in like 2 competing shoe stores on main street. 1 store would carry A, B & C brands of shoes, the other store would carry D, E & F brands. They would still compete with better service or bigger sales, but the would keep it clean. Not so today.]

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