Campus full of cowards

Nick Fuentes

I happened to catch a bizarre little show on KASI 1430 this morning called ‘Iowa State Update‘. The host and an Iowa State Daily reporter (spelling) Devon Leese had their knickers in a bunch about a recent speaker at the ISU campus named Nick Fuentes. Trying to find out who Nick Fuentes was, all I was able to find after a search online were characterizations of his speech, not his speech. That’s the trouble with liberals, they’re all about shutting people up. And not telling you what he said, but telling you what they think he said. Men going to college nowadays have to check their balls at the gate.

I saw a picture in the Daily of these protestors doing all they could to prevent the thoughts of this 21 year old kid from being expressed. Think about that.  They are like self-appointed thought police. This 21 year old kid’s thoughts are so dangerous their entire world view collapses if this kid is allowed to speak. My God what a pathetic generation. Back in my day if someone was full of crap you ignored them. Today the intrusion of an impure thought upon our college student sends him or her into an apoplectic rage! (So much for live and let live.)

They were so afraid of his words! The whole gist of the interview  was trying to find out who had the audacity to bring him to ISU?? Failing to mention that ISU’s resident leftist mob got Milo cancelled 3 years ago. Leftists are afraid of words! I heard Fuentes called white nationalist, white supremist, alt-right, far right, on and on and on. This current crop of cream puffs are the biggest bunch of pussies I’ve ever seen! Just the hat Fuentes is wearing in the picture above is enough to send these commie libs into spasms of SJW rage!

(Think about that, the words ‘Make America Great Again’ send them into paroxysms of violence. People are accosted in the classroom, the bus, the Post Office, the street, a bar, anyplace you can imagine for wearing this red hat with white letters.  Once again, they will tell you what the hat says in their minds, not what it actually says. Words, thoughts, hats, its nuts.)

With the censorship being practiced on social media by Facebook and Twitter, topped off with college campuses having to have designated “free speech” zones, it does not look good for the First Amendment in America.

The Iowa State Daily, like all newspapers*, is just an extension of the Democrat Party. 

Jim Roach

*Forgive me I can think of only 2 papers that aren’t ‘balls-to-the-walls’ Leftists. The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ is just a Republican establishment rag. Don’t ever confuse Republican with conservative.

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