Can it be done?

Michigan Representative Justin Amash, in a self-defeating style typical of Republicans, called for President Trump’s impeachment on Monday. Within hours, Michigan State Representative Jim Lower announced he would challenge Amash in the primary for the House seat. The big question is, are Republican voters in Michigan’s 3rd District smart enough to throw the bum out?

We are talking about a party that put up John McCain and Mitt Romney for president. Amash needs to be got rid of, he can be rid of, but will the voters get rid of him? They keep Susan Collins around for decades…. so who knows. And House races aren’t sexy. But they are the most vital. Good luck James!

Yeah the modern conservative thinks activism is pissing and moaning on social media. Au contraire. In order to actually make activism work, you have to make the phone call, mail the postcard and send the check. Justin Amash isn’t going to defeat himself, he’s going to have to be thrown out on his ass. Skidding across the parking lot.

Jim Roach

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