“Man with a knife!”

The call goes out over the police radio, “Man with a knife!” The adrenaline starts pumping. An officer races to the scene (not waiting for backup), pulls up in close proximity (putting himself in danger), leaps from the car (his point of safety), and shoots the mentally ill person 6 times in the chest with a .40 caliber handgun dead. “I had to!

Really? If a bear or cougar had wandered into town, they would have got the local Game Warden (without all the drama and shouting, “Get on the ground! On the ground now! Get on the ground!”), he would have calmly walked up about 30 yards away, put the rifle to his shoulder and shot the bear or cougar with a tranquilizer dart, and its Miller time. Nobody’s dead. Not a lot of shouting. And the bear or cougar lives to see another day.

This very ‘man with a knife’ scenario, which is repeated countless times over the years, just appeared yesterday in the Washington Times  . And of course it ended up with the mentally ill man dead. I argued on the Facebook page that there were non-lethal means to incapacitate a man with a knife, but of course no one wants to hear it. They just gear up the excuse machine as to why a country that can put a man on the moon can’t stop a man with a knife without killing him.

If that same cop had driven up to a bear or cougar and started blasting away he’d be in trouble. An animal like that is a protected species. But an unemployed mentally ill person (often black, often inner-city), its open season! Fire at will! The cops race to the scene and call ‘dibs’ because they know they’re going to get to kill someone. Police protocol doesn’t stand up under scrutiny. A bear or cougar is much faster than a man, much stronger than a man and their hides are tougher. All their excuses as to why a tranquilizer dart wouldn’t work on a man fall apart. Shouldn’t a man be as much an endangered species as a bear?

I went to Wikipedia to look for the range of a tranquilizer rifle. They wouldn’t tell me that. But they would tell me all the reasons you couldn’t do it. They were an excuse machine too as to why they can’t be used on humans. Its ridiculous. “Humans weigh different amounts, tranquilizers affect humans differently, it could take 2 to 3 seconds for the drug to take effect, you could give too much drug, you could give too little drug…” All a bunch of bullshit. Watch the videos on YouTube. A 2 count and the animal is down. They are shot at 30 to 40 yards, more than enough of a safety cushion.

In the picture below the perpetrator is bare chested with his hands at his sides. Hardly a charging beast with his knife hand raised! You know those black bumper racks on the front of cop cars? I’ve seen those purposely used to clip a fleeing suspect. Why not a man with a knife? Why do cops always act like it has to be one officer standing in the open with no cover 15 feet from the suspect? That’s asinine! They always come up with these wild scenarios about why this won’t work, or that won’t work, well then work in a pair so you have a backup! If one of the non-lethal means fail you always have someone standing by with a firearm.

Pretend for a moment that a human is worth as much as a bear or cougar. So what if you might overdose with a tranquilizer (what’s so tough about setting up dosage for 180 pound?), it gives the suspect a chance to live. What the sam hell do they think 3 – .40 S&W rounds to the chest are going to do? When cops come up with all these excuses why they have to kill (once again ignoring all the times Game Wardens do it), you start to wonder, do they realize they signed up to be cops? Not librarians? There might be some danger.

The video link I provided above shows a Game Warden, with his protective vest on, shooting a very solid rifle, not some ‘blow gun’, dispatching a bear, from a very safe distance, all without being a drama queen cop. Just like happens all around the country hundreds of times a year. When I was looking at all the school shootings and what teachers could be doing, it always came down to teachers would rather let kids die than shoot a killer dead.

I said okay… what are the non-lethal means of bringing a shooter down? It came down to 7 categories of non-lethal weapons: Sonic, optic, electric, projectile, shield, net gun and gas. There are several variations within each category. Many ways a  passivist group of teachers could still protect children. Specifically stun grenades, flashbangs, smoke, laser, taser, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, steel ball gun, shields, mace, pepper spray, tear gas, body armor and a net launch gun. You could have so many things exploding, hitting and blinding a shooter he wouldn’t know what the hell was going on!

One of the most ridiculous and pathetic excuses of the cops is they have to blast away with a handgun. That’s one of the most ineffective ways to shoot a man. In each police vehicle is a shotgun and a rifle. These are much better weapons and they give you a non-lethal alternative. A shotgun with buckshot makes it child’s play to take a suspect off his feet. A rifle makes it simple to shoot a man in the leg or knee. And from a greater distance. There’s nothing that says you have to drive up within 15 feet of a suspect and jump out of the car.

A rifle or shotgun allows you to stand off 35 yards, easy. A man can’t close that distance quickly. Its just insane the scenarios these excuse makers come up with. They cannot see beyond their self-imposed paradigm. They ignore that police in the UK had to develop these techniques as most cops there still do not carry firearms. And they ignore what Game Wardens do this all the time with a much more dangerous animal than a human. And I have to reiterate, a sane man does not advance on a cop holding a knife. A mentally ill person does.

Jim Roach

[I clean forgot to mention the other point. Our soldiers overseas have quite restrictive rules of engagement as to how they must proceed before firing their weapons at a foreign national. It used to be they had to be receiving fire before they could shoot back. That was changed when it was noted a lot of times it was just yahoos shooting their guns in the air. It then became they had to be receiving “credible” fire. Our cops, like in Toledo just drove up and blasted away at a 12 year old holding a toy gun. They weren’t receiving fire. They weren’t receiving credible fire. They just drove up and murdered a 12 year old holding a toy gun. And got away with it.]








Funny, a tranquilizer worked just fine for this 600 pound polar bear. Quick too. And he’s one hell of a lot stronger, faster and has a tougher hide than a man.

Funny, a tranquilizer worked just fine for this 4,000 pound elephant. Quick too. And he’s one hell of a lot stronger, faster and has a tougher hide than a man. Its just ridiculous. Every day around the globe a cougar, a bear, a polar bear, a lion, a tiger or an elephant wanders in somewhere he isn’t supposed to, and some man with a rifle tranquilizes him safely and the animal is transported to a safe place. Why can’t we do that with a human? Instead cops act like its an ‘either or’, when in reality there’s no reason it can’t be a ‘both’.


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