“The need is urgent!”

So goes the plea from the radio preacher. Why is it radio preachers beg for money? Why don’t they sell commercials like everybody else? Because they’re protecting their tax exempt status! The 1954 Johnson Amendment shut churches up. Tax free is a nice exchange for keeping your mouth shut politically. Preachers in essence have said since then (in a pious tone), “We’re concerned about the affairs of God, not the affairs of men.” You might have a little more concern if you had to pay taxes like the rest of us.

This comes to mind as our country gets closer and closer to sliding into bankruptcy. Churches, hospitals, charities, foundations are all tax exempt. And as we import more and more terrorists the situation becomes absurd, Mosques are tax exempt too! Its ridiculous. I had a guy arguing with me on Facebook the other day that hospitals were charities. Hardly. They might be classified as nonprofits for tax purposes, but they are hardly charities. Every hospital is so flush with cash they each have had non-stop building projects for 50 years.

They can only hold so much cash, so after they’ve paid out the exorbitant salaries (financed by sending people into bankruptcy), they have to divest of the cash! The construction never stops. God forbid they just lowered prices. People are so stupid though they don’t get this. Foundations are another scam. They dress up like some sort of well-heeled philanthropists when in fact they are a tax dodge. Foundations were setup for the sole purpose of living tax free in the present, and passing that wealth on to their future generations tax free. Foundations were created following the personal income tax. Government sold it to us under the pretense that only the rich would be soaked. Hardly. It was the superrich that were exempted!

Its so dang funny, people don’t begin to understand the history of the tax code. The power to tax is power indeed. That’s why Congress wants a complicated tax code. There’s money in them there mountains of tax code! You’re going to have lobbyists coming with the checkbook out. The last category is the wide diversion of “charities” that are tax exempt. Who’s to say which are legit or not? And it doesn’t matter anyway, if you are in this country you need to pay the same as everybody else. Especially on a sinking ship. The number of charities with administrative costs over 5% is astronomical.

But the point is in just a handful of years the exploding national debt will force Congress to do something. So in the dead of night on a voice vote, they’ll pass “entitlement reform”. The middle and lower class are going to take it in the shorts on something they’ve paid their whole life into, just so churches, hospitals, charities and foundations can continue to be tax free. And 100 years after passage of the income tax, the superrich will still have their tax dodge.

Jim Roach



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