What an absurd situation

I catch a little bit of FOX & Friends most mornings, to see what’s going on in the world. I haven’t watched local news or a network version of Good Morning America! in 30 or 40 years. Lately every morning they cover the crisis at the border (Cue the Democrats: “There’s no crisis!”). They show film (sometimes infrared) of various groups coming through the desert or wading across the Rio Grande. For some reason the normal flood of illegals has turned into a tsunami. Angola, Somalia, Kenya, Latin America, for some reason everyone in the world has decided to flood the country now that the :build the wall” guy is in office.

Sarah ‘The Magnificent’ (Palin) opined 10 years ago that a country without a border is no country at all. Logical. If you can’t point to a defined geographic area on a map that belongs to one people, in what way would you say they had a country? In a futile attempt to point this out to Iowa’s 2 Senators I have spent some time recently on their Facebook pages. Grassley & Ernst (sounds like a law firm) have been celebrating something else, the burning of food in gasoline tanks. We subsidize our madness: King Corn. Rather than make ethanol from sileage or switchgrass, we make our ethanol from a premium food source, corn!

Recent rule changes now allow the selling of E-15 year around. That and the continued subsidies for commodities  means they have brought home the bacon 1 more time! For Iowa’s welfare farmers. Iowa’s 2 Senators have another blind spot when it comes to trade deals. Corn, soybeans and hogs are the only thing on their radar. American manufacturing (what there is of it) and the American worker can go to hell as far as they are concerned. Subsidized agricultural products are all that matter to them.

Just 1 aspect of illegal immigration (that 5 years ago cost the taxpayer a minimum of $134 billion a year) has ballooned the cost of illegals even more. Border Patrol no longer sends illegals back. American law has introduced this absurd Get Into America Free situation as long as you bring a child. Any child. It doesn’t have to be yours. We now bus or fly illegals to the city of their choice. Kind of an American Tours travel agency for illegals. We have turned this $25 billion dollars a year “law enforcement” agency into tour guides for beaners (and Africans).

Call me crazy, but turning America from a 1 million a year of new illegals into a 2 million a year of new illegals (on top of our 1.5 million ‘legal’ immigrants) strikes me as going from absurd to ridiculous supreme! All the while the American taxpayer is paying for this largesse on top of the normal welfare, to now paying to bus or fly the illegal to hither and yon, plus! The loss of jobs, safety and cultural cohesion.

So this is how I found myself screaming into the phone at 5:30 in the morning yesterday. Grassley and Ernst are too dumb and bought off to ever change their ways, so why I was bothering to scream into their answering machines I don’t know. Grassley has this schtick down, wear plaid, talk folksy and get reelected every year since 1959. See I think that’s absurd. Joni ‘bread bag’ Ernst has developed her own routine to ensure government employment for life. All the while not giving a damn about America.

All the while the watchdogs of American conservatism (talk radio) give a wave and wipe a tear as the good ship America goes over the falls. WHO’s Simon Conway and Jeff Angelo are a waste of 50,000 watts. I thought the retired Jan Mickelson was bad. Ha! WHO being a farm station creates a deadly incestuous relationship between politician and host. Forget print media, if the Des Moines Register is like all the other liberal outlets, all they’re concerned about is impeaching a president that was just cleared after a 2 year $35 million dollar investigation by an army of Trump haters! 

And THAT my friend is why I think this is a surreal situation. Made even more surreal by this, is the fact I’m the only one in Iowa that seems to see it.

Jim Roach


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