Companion animal cruelty bill HF737 blocked by Senate President Charles Schneider







Puppy killer Senate President Charles Schneider, District 22

Address: 7887 Cody Dr. West Des Moines, IA 50266

Phone: (515) 657-7375


This clown is the one that wouldn’t bring the Companion Animal Cruelty bill HF737 to the floor of the Senate where it had overwhelming support. If you watch this clip, he’s on towards the end, he gives this lame excuse about, “Well some of our rural Senators were concerned about the effects on livestock.” Bullshit. Farm Bureau told you to kill it and you did. Its just appalling to me that Iowa which is ranked 49th in puppy mills, wouldn’t get off the stick to protect companion animals. Just appalling. I need to find out who Schneider’s opponent will be and lend them all the support possible. If you won’t protect puppies, who will you protect? Animal rights activists need to target this individual for defeat.

Jim Roach

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