“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.”

— Oscar Ameringer
( 1870-1943) German-American Socialist editor, author, and organizer

That’s what the hell this blog is about. Oscar Ameringer above, figured it out in the 40’s. I figured it out in 1995. About 5 % of the people in this country have it figured out, I’m just waiting for the rest of the country to catch up. For some reason, most people don’t get “it”, and never will. For at least a hundred and fifty years, the people of this country have been played for fools.

The ‘false dialectic’, dichotomy, whatever phrase you want to use, the ‘di’ refers to two, as in two parties. We have been led to believe that salvation (whatever that is), will either come in the form of a Democrat or Republican. It won’t. The Democrats socialism hasn’t worked and won’t ever work. The Republicans aren’t interested in bringing us what they say they will, limited government, they are just interested in feeding at a different spot at the same hog trough.  The Democrats are liars and the Republicans are frauds. There is a third way. But, all the powers in this country, media, politicians, academia, business, are damned determined to have you believe there isn’t a third way.

An example of that is what happened when the Tea Party came to be. The Democrats hate the Tea Party. The Republicans hate them more. The Tea Party threatened to show that the Republican establishment was full of shit. People like Charles Grassley, Terry Branstad, Steve King. People who have been there forever and cannot point to one thing that has moved us one inch towards the goals they “espouse”. Example? Iowa Right to Carry: Culver. Braindead has been Governor a hundred years. He could have been there a hundred more. We never would have had right to carry under him. It was only a Hail Mary by Culver to get reelected that we got right to carry.

No one ever ‘follows the money’. For God’s sake, are we children? The elite will keep feeding at the trough, as long as we keep this Democrat/Republican game going. Another example: there are 6 candidates on the ballot in Iowa for Senate. You’d never know it from  the media. Most people think there are only two. People are so stupid it hurts. They keep voting for the same people, then wonder why nothing changes. Its because you keep voting the same crooks in! God! How stupid do you have to be to not figure that out???

Example: Working class people at $10 an hour subsidize every phase of millionaire farmers here in Iowa. That’s pathetic. Most ‘farmers’ don’t actually farm, they rent out their land. We’ve reinvented sharecroppers. Example: Working class people making $7.25 an hour subsidize billion dollar oil companies. Yet whenever the term “welfare queen” is used, who are they referring to? Unwed mothers. Yet farmers and oil companies have been the ones sucking up ten times the money for nearly a hundred years.

As mentioned above, the powers that be, media, academia, corporations, politicians, all have an interest in keeping things exactly the way they are. They are making out like bandits. Example: “Inversions”. All the elite are worked up because some corporate headquarters are threatening to take a few thousand jobs overseas. Is that why the elite is upset? No! Its the tax money going overseas! Why weren’t they upset since 1973 when the exodus of millions upon millions of blue-collar jobs started? Well, no one ever said they were smart. Now they get worked up about corporations exiting America? A little late for that. Where ya been the last forty years?

The elite only have one concept of globalization, keep Mexicans at $4 an hour, and bring all Americans down to $7.25. This they think will maximize profits. It really doesn’t seem to occur to them that virtually no one will have the money to buy anything that would increase their profits. Example: Apple iPhone. In Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ movie he extolls the virtues of Apple and their latest iPhone. Really? It’s made in China. The jobs in the US are mostly retail and warehousing. So they not only make their computers and phones in China, they do so at the last I heard of $1 an hour employees. And D’Souza just gushes and slobbers over Steve Jobs about what an “American” success story he is. Bullshit. He uses virtual slave labor. And to top it all off, it never occurs to him that if he paid an actual living wage, his customer base in China would explode! People could afford to buy what he makes. That doesn’t fit the template that the modern day Scrooge knows. All they can conceive of is the need to screw Bob Cratchit. In the end, all your precious US government cares about, is Apple paying their taxes? That is all they care about.

Yeah, all the global capitalists know is the idea to keep wages down. They never associate the costs of poverty, crime, disease, unstable governments, ignorance. Take ignorance. How much better a worker might they get, if they didn’t work so hard to keep them dirt poor and dumb? Take Mexico. It has the potential to be a beautiful country. But the government since its inception and the 24 ruling families, can only conceive of keeping the people poor. The idea of a rising tide lifting all boats is anathema to them. They are so myopic they can’t see how better things would be if everyone was getting a piece of the pie. If free markets were really tried. If supply and demand were allowed to really roar. Instead of tightly regulated government trade pacts.

Example: Walmart. The corporation globalists love. The biggest retailer of Chinese made goods in the world. No unions at Walmart, everyone making around $8 an hour. The Chinese making the stuff at $1 an hour, if not actual slave labor. They love it! And once again, it never occurs to them what sales might be if all their employees made a living wage. Eliminating the costs of poverty, welfare, crime, disease, substandard employees…   So in the end, who does Walmart benefit? The Chinese people? No. The American worker? No. The Chinese government? Yes. The US government? Yes. Tax revenue. Walmart management? Yes. What ends up happening? We end up subsidizing Walmart’s wages because they don’t pay a living wage. We end up paying for the food stamps and subsidized housing. We allow Walmart not to pay a living wage because of the welfare state.

Congress always campaigns on “creating jobs”. That they do, in other countries. Trade deals that benefit corporations and other countries. But, when union people continue to vote for Democrats even after NAFTA in ’94, I can’t help you. How do you fight stupid? We have a population that doesn’t see a problem with the Federal Reserve, government ownership of most of the land west of the Missouri river, government in the retirement business, government in education, or government in a host of other venues they shouldn’t be in. A population that doesn’t see a problem with being in wars that are the longest in the history of the country, and have left us worse off then when we started.

A population that doesn’t see a problem with one entire border left undefended. A Congress that has bankrupted us to the tune of $17 trillion (and counting). With a government so inept (and corrupt), and a population so stupid, there isn’t much I can do about it. Except to keep trying. That’s what this blog is ‘about’. Freedom has a giant rock tied to it’s leg, and that rock has just been thrown in the lake. That ‘rock’ is the American people dragging freedom down to it’s death.


“Put no faith in salvation through the political order.”
— Augustine of Hippo
(354-430) Bishop of Hippo Regius, also known as Augustine, St. Augustine, or St. Austin was a Romanized Berber philosopher and theologian (Liberty Quotes – Canada)