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Central America

Heaven on earth turned into hell. That’s how I see Central America. Between the gringo and their own corrupt leaders, those poor people never stood a chance. The land is some of the richest and most beautiful on earth. As … Continue reading

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Perpetuating poverty

Cities like Ames, Iowa by virtue of their lack of imagination with zoning help keep people in poverty. The person of limited means naturally gravitates to low cost housing (above). $15,000 and its yours. So what. You’re typically left renting … Continue reading

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Dear Chuck, Joni & Steve…

I told my Congressional delegation (Grassley, Ernst & King, all Republicans) they had 2 years to get it done and they didn’t do shit. Every 4 years they dust off the issues of prolife, universal right to carry, smaller government … Continue reading

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The Darién Gap

In my continuing series on “Just how stupid are people?“, we come to the question of the Darién Gap. The much heralded Panamanian Highway that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole has just 1 teeny tiny problem, 66 … Continue reading

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Game over!

I can’t believe I’m the only one. I refuse to believe people are that stupid. Well, I mean sure, half the country’s stupid. But the other half elected Trump, so I know they have a clue as to what’s going … Continue reading

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“¿Cómo está usted?”

Winter in Iowa and remarkably, the idea of spending a couple of weeks in a warmer climate crosses your mind. At first I was thinking The Bahamas or Panama, but then I realized plane tickets, vaccinations and passports were involved. … Continue reading

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When you understand

If the last 2 years didn’t explain it to you, nothing will. I watch the TV now (business or news channel) and I just want to scream, “You phucking liars!” My gawd what a scam it is. I just don’t … Continue reading

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Swallowed whole

Ah yes, January in Iowa and the thoughts turn to tropical island paradises. Two of my ideas of idyllic getaways were Bermuda and the Bahamas (pictured above). Thankfully there are YouTube travelogues to dissuade you of this notion and save … Continue reading

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The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)

What a neat guy (Jackie Robinson played himself). Humble, brave, likeable, charismatic. One hell of a second baseman too. Pictures like the one above from around 1959 always makes me think. A couple of those guys are probably still alive. … Continue reading

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Jack Bogle dead at 89

I chose this really grainy picture of Jack Bogle for a couple of reasons. It is likely his college graduation photo where he wrote his senior thesis on the concept of an index fund. And two, most photos of him … Continue reading

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