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Siding with the Devil

Dumb and Dumber Every once in awhile a situation comes along that causes steam to come out your ears and your face to turn red. When those twin peaks of evil known as Red Eye Radio side with General Motors … Continue reading

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Westbrook Pegler

“Did I say “republic?” By God, yes, I said “republic!” Long live the glorious republic of the United States of America. Damn democracy. It is a fraudulent term used, often by ignorant persons but no less often by intellectual fakers, … Continue reading

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Reader’s Digest: Deadly irresponsible

In the October issue of Reader’s Digest was one of their patently dramatic stories of death and mayhem at sea, ‘Raging the Storm‘. It told the story of a sailing regatta gone bad at the mouth of Mobile Bay in … Continue reading

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What changed, Alan?

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done … Continue reading

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Exposing the lies

Finally, a decent investment book. Half way through and while it’s clear he could have done a 68 page pamphlet as opposed to this 300 page book, what the heck, that’s the publishing business. Swedroe’s premise is a play on, … Continue reading

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That joke known as an “election” takes place tomorrow

Put butter on us, we’re toast. Few things are more futile than the voting that will take place tomorrow. Or any day. Economic Law is kicking in that will make the election of this twit or that twit irrelevant. A … Continue reading

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Greg Hunter: USA

Financial advisor  Catherine Austin Fitts says, “The establishment has stolen $50 trillion plus, and they want to keep it, and they want to invest it in the space based economy and not have to give it back to the pension … Continue reading

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Bill Buckley on pot

“Marijuana never kicks down your door in the middle of the night. Marijuana never locks up sick and dying people, does not suppress medical research, does not peek in bedroom windows. Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of … Continue reading

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“The world is pretending that everything is okay”

Greg Hunter on YouTube is among a cadre sounding the alarm that the United States financial system is on the verge of collapse (The World Is Venezuela). 10 years after The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), our “leaders” have continued to kick … Continue reading

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Attention young person!

Having recently achieved my curmudgeon badge, I thought I’d pass on some retirement advice earned from a lifetime of making every mistake in the book. Oh what they don’t teach you in school… The first rule is to not have … Continue reading

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