Its more than pissing and moaning on social media

Today I thought I’d waste some time and put up the mailing addresses I’ve accumulated over the years. Being a grassroots activist my whole life I’ve picked up a thing or two. An example of this is how the offices of Congressional Districts calculate voter feedback. An email might represent the thoughts of 5 other people. A phone call 25. A letter 100. A lot of people have strange ideas on what ‘activism’ is. Some people seem to think they are making a difference by listening to talk radio. Yeah? Or by being informed by watching the news channel or reading the local paper. I suppose it beats being dumber than a doorknob. Or by pissing and moaning for hours on Twitter or Facebook. Those are time wasters, not productive pursuits. Another waste of time (usually) is amateur blogging.

What’s really amazing is the number of people who have never written a letter to the editor. Never gone through a parking lot putting fliers under windshield wipers. Never had a cable access TV show. Never gone door to door for a candidate or cause. Never stood outside an event handing out fliers to people coming in. Never called their senator’s or representative’s office. Never written a letter to a TV or radio station. Never marched in a parade. Never made phone calls for a candidate. Never given money to a candidate. Never called up a radio show. Never been a blogger for 13 years. And perhaps most amazing, is that the people who have never done any of these things, is going to tell the guy who has done all of these things what politics is all about.

So even though its a complete waste of time to make all these addresses available, its what activists do. We can’t help it. Activists in 2008 in one of the rare grassroots efforts for conservatives, formed the Tea Party. The first thing establishment types like that scumbag ISU Political Science Professor Steffen Schmidt did was to derisively call them “Tea Baggers“. The establishment  worked overtime to marginalize these people. The laugh was on them. 8 years later these heroes formed the core that made Donald Trump president! So F-You Schmidt! In your face you establishment pukes. We took the apple cart and turned it upside down. Then we stuck the pieces up your ass.

Jim Roach

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Aunty Fah gets stuffed

The big guy might be Allen Puckett, former MMA Fighter turned street preacher. This is said to have taken place in Portland, Oregon. Home of the commie lib. I’m not even sure Squirrel Bait knew he could have been folded up like a pretzel by the big guy and snapped. They ain’t real smart. – Jim Roach

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Why not let Earl May be Earl May?

Here in Ames springtime comes and everyone turns into a garden supply store. Grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations…. I wouldn’t want to be an actual lawn and garden store trying to stay alive with everybody skimming on you. I needed some weed and feed, the guy at Earl May knew exactly what I needed (for clover and dandelions), took me right to it. Boom! Done. Try getting that expert help at a hardware store, or the grocery store, good luck.

You’ll hear on the radio a lot of “buy local” campaigns because brick and mortar is getting killed by Amazon. Malls dry up and blow away. Mainstreet never thought of that 50 years ago when they were stocking their shelves with cheap Chinese crap. They could have cared less about American made goods. Now all of a sudden were supposed to care about them? They don’t give a damn about anybody else. Buy local? Mainstreet didn’t, they bought Chinese.

Grocery stores selling gas, department stores selling groceries, discount stores undercutting optometrists, on and on… everybody’s skimming. It would be like if every February 13 all the stores stocked up on roses to undercut the florist. Florists live for Valentines, Mothers Day and such. Grocery stores nowadays are as much liquor stores as anything else, all the attention to beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets. They end up doing a crappy job at actually selling groceries! I have 3 products its impossible to find anymore because they devote so much shelf space to everything but groceries!

Now all of a sudden we’re supposed to fret about buying local? You should a worried about buying American, you should a worried about doing what you do well, instead of skimming the cream.

Jim Roach


[In the old days, pre-1980, there sometimes existed a phenomenon known as “business ethics” (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). Not all the time, not everywhere, but sometimes in places like Iowa, where the grass is greener and the people are keener too! The sole-proprietor  would look at the guy trying to make a living down the street and think, “Hmm, rather then needlessly piss him off, I think I’ll not do that!” Iowa character was foreign to metropolitan areas, and is also gone from Iowa now. You could see it in like 2 competing shoe stores on main street. 1 store would carry A, B & C brands of shoes, the other store would carry D, E & F brands. They would still compete with better service or bigger sales, but the would keep it clean. Not so today.]

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Why are Americans so stupid?

I started to make it, “Why are people so stupid?”, but I realized I don’t give a damn about other countries. The only reason I care what’s happening here is that we are being drug down by society’s anchors, those people incapable of functioning at an autonomous level. For some reason we give these incompetents the right to vote. Its ridiculous their vote should count as much as mine. All you have to do is look at the ranks of employed politicians to see what I mean. Once you get past D. Trump, Jim Jordan, Louis Gohmert and Devin Nunes, I really can’t think of a politician worth his paycheck. Voters put these derelicts there, every last one of them.

What kind of idiot does that? I can honestly say I never voted for the 3 idiots representing me at the Federal level (or State for that matter). One big institution that keeps people stupid of course is government education. That’s a big part, but there are people like me that grow out of it. We don’t all stay stupid. But there is a persistent majority that does. Roughly half the people vote, and of that half, all vote stupid. Except for that one time we elected Donald Trump. Danged if I’ll ever understand that. But the rest of the time you get the Congress like the one we have now. Repulsive, cowardly and corrupt.

Take the border as one example. We are being overrun and replaced by Latin Americans. And you ain’t gonna Make America Great Again with Latin Americans. Ain’t gonna happen. Not to mention a report today from the Daily Caller has a Jordanian being arrested in San Antonio for smuggling in Yemenis (muslims). So its not just undocumented welfare recipients flowing into the country but terrorists as well. Another hotspot right now (also to the south) is Venezuela. Speaking Spanish, they of course are a society on the brink.

They of course are of zero importance to us, but it is a coin flip as to whether we get invovlved or not. The American taxpayer to pay and the American soldier to die. How long we been doing that, huh? I was listening to Kim Strassel give a talk on YouTube yesterday, “Can the Swamp be Drained?” The answer was no, it can’t. But the amazing part wasn’t that, but how blatant the corruption is, and how purposely oblivious Americans are. Thomas Jefferson of course having warned us that freedom requires an active and informed electorate. That counts us out.

Jim Roach


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The 1984 film ‘Terminator‘ introduced us to the T-800 cyborg who was part of an AI network controlling humans through Skynet. The video above introduces you to just the non-classified urban weapons our government is deploying against us. They won’t use the military on the border to stop a foreign invasion, but they will use it to control citizens. It figures. But I digress. The narrator goes through the weapon systems you see on the railcars there. Laser weapons, sound weapons, weapons that detect the electromagnetic patterns of your heart to target and kill you.

Imagine the weapons they have in store for us that are classified? 

Leroy with his trusty Winchester .30-.30 might have a tough time resisting the government that he funded to enslave him. Our government grabbed control of primary education for a reason, to keep everyone stupid. Otherwise in a functioning educational environment kids would learn that our Founders never intended the government to be a militaristic empire that we have become. They didn’t intend the taxpayer to have the burden of funding the World’s Policeman. To have goddamn 20 year wars in Afghanistan.

Nope, George Washington himself warned against “foreign entanglements”. Dwight Eisenhower warned against the “military-industrial complex”. John Fitzgerald Kennedy warned against a “shadow government“. But between a corporate media that had long ago been absorbed and a government run education system that said the government could do no wrong, these warnings fell on deaf ears. The end of freedom may not be now, but  you can see it from here.

Jim Roach

The Terminator movie takes place in 2029. Just 10 years from now.

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I notice talk radio hosts don’t have a clue either

Its not just Congressmen who don’t have a clue about the gravity of the situation our country is in, I’d say the people who interview them don’t have a clue either. Here’s what going to happen in a few years, 2026 at the latest. Rush says modern talk radio started in 1988 with changes to the Fairness Doctrine and whatnot. The national debt then was $2.75 trillion and we had a semblance of control on the southern border. And 9/11 hadn’t happened yet. 30 years later we are $22 trillion in debt, the southern border is being overrun and we have Mexican military incursions onto American soil. Visa overstays are worse than ever, an insult to the 9/11 dead. Medicare is set to go belly-up in 2026. Talk radio hosts still operate under the old paradigm. Its not 1988.

Congress goes on with a business as usual approach. With the associated graft and corruption. The lack of will to do anything of substance. I don’t think its normal ops. I think we are in danger of losing this country financially, culturally and from outright invasion. Whether its the eventual midnight amnesty, or the 11th hour screw job in 2026 to save Medicare, Congress never looks ahead. Its always late at night on a Friday with a voice vote. Talk radio hosts go on with the game. Schmooze the politician, act like everything’s normal. Feel like a bigshot.

Never hold them accountable for 20 wasted years in Afghanistan, they can’t even secure a goddamn border against unarmed beaners. God forbid they had tanks and artillery.  No wonder we couldn’t win Afghanistan. Senators and Representatives think its all about riding around in limos and looking good for the TV screen. Getting home for the fundraiser at the Kiwanis Club. Nope, its not 1988. Our national debt is almost exactly 10 times the amount it was then. We have 10 times the illegals we had then. Something’s going to give (besides the taxpayers wallet I mean).

Rush Limbaugh, Simon Conway, Jeff Angelo, they ain’t getting it done.

Jim Roach


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There have to be consequences

April 23, 2019

Dear Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst and Representative King:

The Federal Government has lost all pretense of control of the southern border. After 20 years in Afghanistan it is reported ISIS and the Taliban are fighting for control of the country. We have obviously accomplished nothing there.

While the people of Iowa appreciate your efforts, it is obvious you are not getting the job done. You have wasted time, money and lives. You have failed in the security of this country both at home and abroad.

It is time for you  to do the honorable thing and resign.

James Roach

[The people of this country for some unknown reason have come to believe that there needn’t be consequences for government malfeasance. I disagree. National security is not an “option”, its a requirement. Most of the multitude of errors that lead to 9/11, have never been corrected. We are dishonoring the dead. Not to learn from past mistakes is criminal. I of course am always way ahead of my time. Nevertheless, in my continuing ‘piss in the wind’ series, I’ll certainly ask Grassley, Ernst and King to resign. Its time we took national security seriously. I refuse to accept they can endanger the lives of 330,000,ooo people without being called to task.]

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Anni Cyrus

People won’t watch this video from Anni Cyrus, which is a shame. It explains Sharia from the perspective of a former Muslim. Instead, Americans will hold fast to their ignorance of Sharia, to the detriment of us all.

Perhaps most amazing is when you consider this. Does she appear on FOX News Channel? Does she appear on Christian TV? Christian radio? No. We have really bad Christian ‘leaders’.

Jim Roach

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What happened to the Tea Party? (or: Why don’t Republicans have balls?)

Its funny the progressions you go through as a political observer. My memory goes all the way back to Goldwater in ’64. The childlike impression you have of Democrats and Republicans. I’d started out associating Democrats with hippies and Republicans with guys in slacks who play golf. Its taken nearly 60 years to see clearly, to get the blinders off. Its not pretty. I think the internet has aided in this vision quest. Going around the mainstream media, the paid propagandists. I had started reading the Des Moines Register in 1973. Back then they had the remnants of integrity.

They did like a lot of papers back then and tried to have some balance. The Register the morning paper might have been left leaning, the Tribune the afternoon paper might have leaned right. I wasn’t old enough or wise enough to know what was really going on. But I do know there were more no-kidding journalists then and fewer partisan hacks. A lot of the news was just that, straight forward reporting. Opinions were on the opinion page. I realize now that I had let the left-wing media define what a Republican was. I realized what was happening, so 3 years ago I gave up the MSM. No papers, no liberal TV news.

Governor Robert D. Ray (a jingle goes through your head) was simply a Democrat who dressed nice, he weren’t no Republican. He was a RINO! Just like his heir apparent Braindead! Iowans let the stinking Des Moines Register define what a Republican was! Its absurd. Here’s another one, Charles Grassley. My God what a waste of plaid. We were/are so controlled. That’s why it was so impossible Trump got elected. For once the Republican Party/America told our betters to stick the predetermined candidate Jeb Bush up their ass, we were electing Donald John Trump thank you very much!

Finally we threw off the damn shackles. It really did come down to who controlled the information. It just hit me now, the Republican Party has always been an empty house. Its been a ‘strawman’ for the powers that be. Some place for people to go waste their time, like talk radio. A place for activists to go spin their wheels and shovel sand against the sea, but not to actually get anything done of course! It hit me last week like a ton of bricks. The Republicans do not pass landmark legislation. The 2018 midterms helped crystalize a lot of it. The Republicans wasted 2 years, and not just that, but their last chance.

They had all 3 branches of government and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. And with the continuing flood of illegals voting Democrat, its tipped. There ain’t no going back, America is over. Trump won Florida and that was the last time. Its gone Mexican now. The Republicans squandered their last chance and don’t even know it. Its not in their DNA to do anything. And its incredibly ironic, the very thing that made them extinct, the 1965 Immigration Act, was something they could have repealed. They could have repealed the “brown and drown” affect of that law, virtually all immigration coming from 3rd world nations. Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world.

The law that actually did away with diversity in our immigration, and that is destroying our nation. People are so stupid they don’t even realize how out of whack things our. 80% of immigration comes from 2 countries, Mexico and China. That’s ridiculous. They don’t even know what chain migration and family unification is, or that is was codified into law in 1965. With 200 countries in the world the amount of people that should come from each country is .5%. Do you get that? Not 80% from 2.

They could have repealed the 1965 Immigration Act. To hear the lying media tell it, that wasn’t a chance because they “didn’t have 60 votes”. That’s a lie of course, the Constitution does not require the Senate to have 60 votes to do anything. That’s a Senate rule, not a Constitutional requirement. It slips out once in awhile when Senate Majority Leader McConnell talks about ‘going nuclear’. Norms are probably wondering, “What’s ‘going nuclear’ mean?” That simply means changing the Senate rule (which they can do at any time) that requires 60 votes for cloture or to end a ‘filibuster’, to simply 51 votes.

51 votes and it would have been off to the races in 2017 / 2018 when they had it all. They could have passed landmark legislation like nobody’s business. The reason they didn’t is for a couple of reasons. A.) They have no balls. And B.) Its not in their DNA, they have no experience in passing legislation. Think small, be small. And C.) That’s not their role in the ‘game’. They are the patsies, the dodge. The Democrats are where the power is and always has been. Supported 100% by media, academia and corporate America. The Establishment.

The Tea Party saw this in 2008. They didn’t go off and form their own party, they worked within the Republican Party to change things, and they were hated for it. They started primarying RINOs and throwing out the trash! They had the sense to know the Republican Party up to that point had been a lie. Eisenhower, Nixon, the Rockefeller Wing, all lies. Country Club RINOs. The GOP was a foil. The power base needed an ogre to point to and they didn’t have one, so they invented one, the Republican Party.

So what happened to the Tea Party? It got swallowed up of course. Before it happened though they had some grand and glorious victories! The most famous RINO they slew might have been House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014. My gawd that was great. This all happened in 2010, 2012 and 2014. In a way the election of Trump was the culmination of their success. It was also the last hurrah. But anyway, Republicans could have revolutionized American politics, but were simply incapable. Here’s what they could have done, all with a proviso that prevented judicial review:

  • Balanced budget amendment
  • National heartbeat bill
  • Universal right to carry
  •  Repeal of the 1965 Immigration Act
  •  End of farm subsidies
  •  End of corporate welfare
  •  Return of public land to private hands
  •  A universal global trade pact
  •  Abolishing the Department of Education

That’s 9 items without really trying. An amateur just spit balling off the top of his head. Imagine what they could have done? The future of America, the course of history hung in the balance those 2 years. And they punted. They choked. They could not see the future. They could not look beyond the next election. They let their petty squabbles and bickering prevent them from saving the country. They are now extinct and don’t even know it. The American people handed them the reigns. They gave them the chance. There are no excuses. They were always the empty vessel, now they’ve proven it.

Jim Roach

[Earlier I wrote, “It really did come down to who controlled the information.” The internet brought forth the “information age”. That might be the key in all this. I suppose that’s why they make sure alternate platforms never takeoff. That way Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can choke the truth. Control what people hear. Information is power and they control it.]

When armies do it its called military deception. They did it a lot in WW II. They’d build plywood tank battalions. Fake airstrips and bombers. All to get the enemy to waste its time and energy destroying plywood. That’s what the Republican Party has been, fake. A waste of time. It gave real conservatives a place to go and expend their energy until they got swallowed up by the RINOs.

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What a farce

2 years, $35 million dollars, 18 Trump haters, and Mueller couldn’t pull the damn trigger. Now sit down and shut up. Time to move on. A typical analysis is like the one that came from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. “While he was cleared on the collusion charge (there is no statute defining “collusion”), the obstruction charge has some serious aspects to it.” My ass. This whole thing’s been a farce. The Deep State from the start hated Trump, feared Trump and would do everything in their power to get rid of Trump. Its no more complicated than that.

Before the election when Hillary thought she was going to win both her and Obama poo pooed the ability of the Russians to rig an election. It was only after she lost that it became the excuse de jour. The most telling point was heard this morning. If the Obama administration knew the Russians were lurking behind every bush trying to thwart an election, he had a duty to give the Trump campaign a ‘defensive briefing’. To warn them. He didn’t because he knew the whole thing from the beginning was a farce. They got so wrapped up in all this they’ve started to believe their own lies.

Hillary paid for the damn Steele dossier. That’s what is forgotten in all this. Opposition research paid for the “basis” of all the future warrants used to spy on the oppositions campaign! Good God! They ignore the abuse of power and instead try and get Trump on a process crime of obstruction! What a joke. The Deep State feared Trump from the beginning, they weren’t going to let go of the reigns of power without a fight. Collusion was a hoax, the spying was real. The Deep State hated Trump and was determined to get rid of him. There’s your ‘collusion’. It was an investigation in search of a crime. They ignored the very real spying, and instead spent 2 years chasing the collusion hoax.

Jim Roach

[No doubt all the media that perpetrated this hoax will now apologize to President Trump.]

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