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Twitter targets trolls but winds up silencing conservatives

This New York Post article I spotted on Twitter raised several issues. It turns out Twitter has taken to banning people that lefties don’t like. Milo Yiannopoulos and Robert Stacy McCain are the two high-profile conservatives purged from the site. It … Continue reading

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Dear sir, you are being used

The question on a Facebook post was, “Say which Republican candidate you are going to vote for!” My response of Bernie Sanders elicited the predicted response. An otherwise probably alright guy says, “Move to Cuba!” The assumption being I was … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is a thief

[After hearing a Cruz surrogate on Steve Deace’s radio show the other night, it seems I erred in my understanding of Cruz’s stance on immigration. The amendments he introduced on immigration bills were “poison pill” amendments, meant to defeat the legislation, … Continue reading

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