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Dear Chuck, Joni & Steve…

I told my Congressional delegation (Grassley, Ernst & King, all Republicans) they had 2 years to get it done and they didn’t do shit. Every 4 years they dust off the issues of prolife, universal right to carry, smaller government … Continue reading

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“ISIL takes ancient city in Syria”

ISIL makes major gains in Iraq, now Syria, pretty soon the junior varsity squad is going to be a serious threat. I’m sure O’Bama is on top of it though. My God, at least the Bush neocons took their unconstitutional … Continue reading

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Religion of Peace holds mass beheading of Christians

“A message signed with blood to the nation of the Cross.” I don’t want to be around if the Religion of Peace ever turns violent. I’m sure the mainstream media will keep me informed. No doubt the Register is working … Continue reading

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Religion of Peace murders humanitarian aid worker Mr. Peter Kassig

Another American is murdered by Islamic savages due to America’s foreign policy that only benefits the military / industrial complex and body bag makers. Americans, who are a combination of asleep at the switch and stupid, let their “leaders” get away … Continue reading

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We’ve done this before

This absurd situation at the southern border is not the first time the politicians and complicit media have done something stupid. Now we have blood thirsty MS-13 gang members, well versed in torture and murder, coming in amongst the needy. We … Continue reading

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Register reacts negatively to getting whupped

On page 1B of the Sunday Register is an Iowa Poll, More have unfavorable view of Vander Plaats. After a year of non-stop guest opinions, letters to the editor, and editorials, the Register has proven that those who buy their … Continue reading

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