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David Horowitz in his book Radical Son tells an interesting story from his younger days at Ramparts magazine. The leftist magazine wasn’t economically viable on its own, so they had to find outside financing to keep it going. Based in … Continue reading

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Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

Tyler Perry’s new movie takes awhile to digest (not that I’m saying it is hard to stomach). It starts so slow, but it winds up so well! That is when you realize he just crushed Hollywood under his heel (not … Continue reading

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10,000 scripts in Hollywood and we get ‘Total Recall’?

The joke is that everyone who lives in LA has a movie script. I know people in Iowa who have a script. You have to figure that with those kind of numbers, that there are some unique and thought provoking … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s agenda

James Forrestal, Secretary of Defense in the 40’s, said of our leaders, “If our leaders were merely stupid, they would  occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”   The same could be said for Hollywood. How can movie pro’s consistently … Continue reading

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‘The Genesis Code’ afraid of Jesus?

The movie ‘The Genesis Code’ premiered in Iowa January 26, in Johnston at the Carmike. I made the trip from Ames to meet Sharron Angle of Nevada, and to support the Iowa Christian Alliance, one of the sponsors of the … Continue reading

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