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Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor

Tyler Perry’s new movie takes awhile to digest (not that I’m saying it is hard to stomach). It starts so slow, but it winds up so well! That is when you realize he just crushed Hollywood under his heel (not … Continue reading

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Liberals and history

In the March 13 DM Register Mark Potok from the communist front group the Southern Poverty Law Center does a complete rewrite of history and nobody even blinks. His article ‘Anti-government ‘Patriot’ groups ramp up’, purports to explain the psyche of … Continue reading

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Damn zombies are everywhere

Wouldn’t you know it, I’d left my “Zombie away!” spray in the car. 300 East Grand, Des Moines, Iowa

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The further adventures of Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff The media is doing quite the job whipping the people of this nation into a frenzy as Congress goes speeding headlong off the ‘fiscal cliff’. The trouble is, if you slow down and start to think about it, … Continue reading

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Mayor of Loserville continues streak

After Iowa’s loss to Purdue Saturday, the thought that came to mind was, shouldn’t the $4 million dollar man pay back a couple of million? That’s the issue. When you go .500 or below, are you worth that $4 million … Continue reading

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Tyler Perry nails it as ‘Alex Cross’

Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air had a really good interview with Tyler Perry last week to promote his new movie ‘Alex Cross’, where he plays a police detective who has to stop this psychopathic serial killer in Detroit. I … Continue reading

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“Tracking the man who stole my wallet”

The Register’s Lee Rood had an interesting piece Sunday. She had her wallet stolen and around $800 racked up on her credit cards. Des Moines police detective Raymond Carrington said the chances of catching the crook were very slim. Uh, that’s … Continue reading

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Doesn’t everyone riot and commit murder over a movie?

A cartoon? Burning a book? We have invited this into our country. Jim Roach

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DM Register doesn’t run Doonesbury cartoon- who cares?

On the DM Register blogs and in their newspaper today, there is much discussion and many letters to the editor on their decision not to run this past weeks Doonesbury series on the Texas abortion law. Many of the letters focused … Continue reading

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“Worth More Than A Thousand Words”

The December 19 New American had a nice article on the film making church of Albany, Georgia, Sherwood Baptist Church. They have produced Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and their latest achievement, Courageous. To say the film world was barren of … Continue reading

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