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President Donald John Trump is trying to get a supreme court nominee through the United States Senate. Reportedly it is under Republican control. Hardly. It is filled with traitors to their party (and to the country) really. People (if you … Continue reading

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Jeff Angelo bemoans Graham withdrawal?

Mickelson in the Morning substitute Jeff Angelo on WHO radio seemed to be sad about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham pulling out of the presidential race. While most people wouldn’t have known Graham was running, I did verify it online. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Panic at the country club!

Oh My Gosh! New polls out! Trump, Carson, Fiorina! Non-politicians, outsiders, amateurs, not members  of the club! They’re kicking the ass of the establishment politicians. Trump 23%, Carson 23%, Fiorina 10%, pass the Depends, Karl Rove is crapping his pants! Bush 6%, … Continue reading

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“Graham’s bid runs on defense”

Saturday’s USA Today article, Graham’s bid runs on defense, was devastating. It clearly shows how Graham is owned lock, stock and barrel by the military – industrial complex. My God, it shocked even those of us who knew something was wrong … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham? Are you serious Register?

Goodnight! Among senators hoping to be president, Graham deserves a look was today’s editorial by the Register. I can’t think of anything more wrong with politics than Lindsey Graham. I can’t think of anything more damaging to freedom than Lindsey … Continue reading

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One question for Lindsey Graham

Competition shows cracks on security [USA Today 6/2] Is the Middle East better off now? After decades of interventionist policy, did you leave it in better condition than you found it? How about it Lindsey? With all the meddling in the … Continue reading

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