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“The world is pretending that everything is okay”

Greg Hunter on YouTube is among a cadre sounding the alarm that the United States financial system is on the verge of collapse (The World Is Venezuela). 10 years after The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), our “leaders” have continued to kick … Continue reading

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Miss Piggy

Definitely not Miss Piggy (Miss Venezuela 1996 Alicia Machado) Okay so in not one of his finest moments, Trump called a woman whose job it was to be a beauty contestant, Miss Piggy. Not good. While deplorable, other issues the … Continue reading

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“Fellow top Democrats laud Harkin’s career”

State party banquet is told Iowan has ‘changed America’ [DM Reg 6/21] Indeed he has, indeed he has. When Harkin was first elected in 1974 the national debt was just $475 billion. The illegal alien count that year was only … Continue reading

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