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Buford, Wyoming

Early morning National Public Radio had one of their patented folksy human interest stories the other day. They went out to God’s country, not that any of those godless communists at NPR believe in God, to do a story on … Continue reading

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“Time to get rid of the bug”

NPR’s ‘This American Life’ had a disturbing  one today. The subject was FGM: Female Genital Mutilation. The woman in question was from Karachi, Pakistan. It was way too complicated a story to try and recount all of it here. I’m sure a … Continue reading

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Lyin’ NPR

Don Gonyea on NPR’s morning radio show revealed a lot in one simple statement about the Indiana primary. “Trump spoke before several thousand people…”. Bullshit. At that rally in Indiana you know that arena holds 5,439 people. You know it was … Continue reading

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Does ‘Iowa Press’ on IPTV represent the taxpayer?

No. IPTV like its sister public radio are convinced they have represented both sides when they have liberal and really liberal guests and hosts on their shows. Today on Iowa Press the two guests were Doug Gross (squishy moderate/liberal), and … Continue reading

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Your government at work

“National Public Radio has announced the U.S. Department of Defense has finally admitted they carried out race-based tests on American troops during WWII as part of its research on the effects of mustard gas. Exposure of soldiers to chemical, biological … Continue reading

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“Restraint of government … “

“Restraint of government is the true liberty and freedom of the people.” — John P. Reid How can any thinking person believe our government is currently being “restrained”? Does it not occur to anyone that with an “occupying force” riding … Continue reading

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Tyler Perry nails it as ‘Alex Cross’

Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air had a really good interview with Tyler Perry last week to promote his new movie ‘Alex Cross’, where he plays a police detective who has to stop this psychopathic serial killer in Detroit. I … Continue reading

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